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We have been established in Namibia for many years, we are situated locally and are knowledgeable of the country. Due to our engagement in animal and nature conservation, we can offer you the unique possibility to visit remote regions to which we have access and to which we travel only with our off-road vehicles. In addition to the many highlights of Namibia we want to introduce you to many more secluded areas which are not even listed in travel guides.
adventure camping safaris

Do you prefer admiring the clear night sky tucked away in a sleeping bag next to a camp fire to the duvet and breakfast buffet in a four star hotel? If so, you have come to the right place. During our adventure safaris you will have plenty of opportunities to observe and take photographs of animals, hike, canoe and explore interesting sites and breathtaking beautiful surroundings off the beaten track, where we only drive with our 4x4 or 6x6 off-road vehicles. Our adventure safaris give you the chance to get to know potentially less known areas of Namibia. Accompanied by a competent, jovial and naturally bilingual (English/German) tour guide you will discover and come to appreciate the country and its people, its flora and fauna, mountains and deserts.

lodge safaris

For all those who appreciate certain comfort during their holiday. Do you want to experience the charm of a guest lodge or enjoy a mix of camping adventure and solid accommodation? You do not need to give up the experience of moderate hikes and the contact with nature and culture. Your small group will be accompanied by an experienced, bilingual tour guide and receive a lot of «first hand» information about the country and its people, culture and wildlife.

family safaris

For this safari we have taken special consideration of the needs of children and teenagers. As a parent, you will obviously also get your money’s worth, but you will also experience a family holiday to remember for years to come. This creates a mutual closeness as can only be achieved through an outdoor adventure experienced together.

taylor-made safaris
Steered by your travel wishes we will gladly compile an exclusive tour just for you. Together we will work out the optimal route, covering not only common destinations but also insider tips. Individual Adventure Safaris, Tent/Lodge Safaris & Classic Lodge Safaris upon request with minimum 6 participants.

Our "Wildlife Reserve Kuzikus" can only be highly recommended.

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